Approaching the new edition of the Prospective Students Summer Program which in 2016 celebrates its 18th birthday and, for the first time, the event is hosted in Pisa, at the headquarters of Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies. The procedure for selecting the 180 students now attending their penultimate year of high school has already begun and the deadline for students applications is set on Wednesday, May 4th, (hundreds of institutions all over Italy can validate the applications by May 5th). Candidates will be promptly informed of the next stage of selection process.

For the 2016 edition of the Prospective Students Summer Program, jointly organized with the federated IUSS Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia, two modules are planned: the first between June 27 and July 1, and the second between 4 and 8 July, each of which will welcome 90 students, hosted in Pisa at our partner hotel. The  Program, totally free of charge, will be the first contact with university college for students who are finishing high school and begin to think about choosing a university. The two residential courses, each lasting five days, offer a structured guidance stimulating personal growth through seminars, lectures, educational activities, work in teams, according to our mission statement: at Sant’Anna School students will find a challenging , open environment, and a supportive community.

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