This “HearToDate2017” two-day conference on June 22-24 will offer a unique focus on cardiovascular risk, cardiac disease, coronary heart disease, myocardial dysfunction, heart valve disease, arrhythmias, and arrhythmic complications in a multidisciplinary environment that includes vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiologists, economists, engineers and political philosophers.

The conference will feature the 30th anniversary celebration of Sant’Anna School, the 10th anniversary of Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio and the 50th anniversary of the Istituto di Fisiologia Clinica del CNR. It will be marking the occasion to honor the eminent scientist Professor Luigi Donato. Donato developed some fundamental concepts of biomedical research, including the pathophysiology of the cardiovascular disease. In 1968, he founded in Pisa a “unique multidisciplinary environment” where the clinical care of the patient “is accompanied by the nearby research facilities”.

Invited sessions are devoted to Luigi Donato’s active research topics. Salvatore Settis, former director of Scuola Normale Superiore will give his talk “Lezione di Luigi Donato” on June 22 at 5 pm in Sant’Anna School aula magna. Invited speakers include: Pierdomenico Perata, rector of Sant’Anna School;  Luca Sebastiani, director of the Life Sciences Institute of Sant’Anna School; Marco Filippeschi, mayor of Pisa; Luciano Ciucci, general director of the Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio; Enrico Bonari - Centro per la Medicina e la Cardiologia Traslazionale; Domenico Laforenza, president of Pisa CNR area; Giuseppe Figlini, president of the medical board of Pisa.

Attendees will learn the latest advances in diagnosis, pre-operative evaluation, imaging and medical, endovascular, and surgical treatment. The conference is designed for clinicians in the treatment and management of patients with cardiac disorder and academics of Sant’Anna School, Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio, Istituto di Fisiologia Clinica - CNR and University of Pisa. Furthermore, the conference is conceived as a critical forum to promote interdisciplinary debate in a wide range of fields. Giorgio Iervasi, director of the Institute of Clinical Physiology – CNR; Sabina Nuti, coordinator of the healthcare management team group at Sant’Anna, Alberto Pirni, political philosopher and Massimo Bergamasco,engineer at Sant’Anna School will lecture on strategies of health care and public health systems, merit and ethics issues, and virtual reality applications that will change the hospitals of the future.

Michele Emdin and Claudio Passino, cardiologists at Sant’Anna School, together with clinicians of Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio, organized the conference. “We expect a further step in the direction of claiming greater responsibility to respond to the implementation process of a daily treatment of patients with heart disease” – say Michele Emdin and Claudio Passino.

Conference Program