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How bio-inspired soft robotics can contribute to the common good: Matteo Cianchetti and Cecilia Laschi are among the speakers at the webinar promoted by AI for Good Global Summit

Publication date: 09.02.2023
evento AI for Good
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Matteo Cianchetti, assistant professor at The BioRobotics Institute of Sant'Anna School, and Cecilia Laschi, full professor of Sant'Anna School on leave and currently at the National University of Singapore, are among the speakers at the webinar “Exploring the future of biologically-inspired soft robots for good”, that will take place on  Tuesday 14 February at 4pm in Geneva. in programma martedì 14 febbraio alle ore 16 a Ginevra. The webinar is part of the initiatives of the Ai for Good Global Summit, leading action-oriented United Nations platform promoting AI to advance health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, sustainable infrastructure, and other global development priorities. In addition to Cianchetti and Laschi, the webinar speakers are Barbara Mazzolai, professor at IIT (Italian Institute of Technology), and Robert Katzschmann (ETH Zurich). The meeting is moderated by Hannah Stuart (University of California at Berkeley).

Soft robotics a resource for the common good

The aim of the webinar is to discover the latest bio-inspired soft robots, their main applications for social good, and the challenges for wider implementation of this next generation of AI-powered robots. Despite robot hardware still relying mainly on hard components, robots have started to incorporate softness with the use of materials similar to those of living organisms. Inspirated by the elegance, adaptability and efficiency of the natural kingdom, biologically inspired soft robots hold great promise for safer and more flexible interactions since they can adapt their shape and behavior to complex, dynamic environments.
The webinar addresses two sustainable goals of the 2030 Agenda: Goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and Goal 14, Life Beow Water.
Specifically, Matteo Cianchetti discusses the scientific progress achieved within the Soft-Grip european project, of which the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Sant'Anna is coordinator.