Cna Grosseto and Sant’Anna school announce partnership agreement to provide effective solutions for training needs of CNA artisans and staff

The partnership agreement will see the Sant’Anna School Institute of Management and CNA Artisan association in Grosseto work together to provide artisans and staff with high-quality training in entrepreneurship and business management including quality control, marketing and customer service.

The training program will be offered to artisans and staff throughout all levels of the CNA organization. Participants will acquire skills for successful management involving planning activity, decision-making, problem-solving, quality performance management, performance assessment techniques, and strategic business modelling. This highly interactive course will provide participants with concrete innovative solutions and strategies. The course will identify effective processes and procedures to improve local skills for the artisans that continue to face economic challenges in achieving sustainable and profitable enterprises while ensuring implementation of circular economy principles.

“Artisans and employees will be trained to refresh and enhance their knowledge to cope up with technology and social change” – said Professor Marco Frey from Sant’Anna School Institute of Management. “Artisan businesses generate business prosperity, employment and social welfare as well as active participation in the industrial development of our country. For this reason, we need to focus on a circular economic approach that improves the cost efficiency and the competitive advantage of the companies.”

“Over the past year, we have begun a process of reorganization to remain competitive and keep pace with financial crisis and regulatory changes” - said Anna Rita Bramerini of CNA Grosseto Association “This new strategic partnership with Sant’Anna School will help us to meet the skill development and project management demands of the local economy."

“Our sector has witnessed considerable growth over recent years, and we believe training is crucial for human capital development as human capital development is vital to the growth and productivity of every organization. The rapid evolution of innovative and potentially disruptive technologies means that we all need to develop the new skills these technologies require.” - said CNA President Riccardo Breda.

Cover photo: Anna Rita Bramerini and Marco Frey signing strategic partnership agreement