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The consequences of the war in Ukraine on the African continent: On Thursday 22 September at 2 pm the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies hosts a conference organized in cooperation with the Divisione Vittorio Veneto of the Italian Army



Publication date: 19.09.2022
Bandiera dell'Ucraina
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The violent ongoing conflict in Ukraine, following the Russian Federation’s invasion, produces consequences well beyond the Ukrainian theater of conflict, constituting a destabilizing factor at the regional and global level. Significant global issues such as the system of international collective security, international trade, food supply chains, the availability of energy sources and essential raw materials, the safeguard of environment and the ecological conversion are all heavily influenced by the course of the conflict.

To explore these issues, an important occasion of discussion among the academic, civilian, military and diplomatic communities on the effects of the conflict in Ukraine and its consequences for the African continent will take place on Thursday 22 September 2022 at 2pm at the Aula Magna of the Sant’Anna School. The event is organized in cooperation with the Divisione Vittorio Veneto of the Italian Army. Andrea de Guttry, Full Professor of international law and General Angelo Michele Ristuccia, Commander of the Divisione Vittorio Veneto, announce the conference in the following terms: “It is the first concrete initiative in the context of the collaboration between the Sant’Anna School and Divisione Vittorio Veneto, on the basis of a memorandum of understanding aimed at investigating topics of common interest, with a particular focus on international security”.

In this framework, clarifies Andrea de Guttry, “we feel the necessity to deepen our knowledge and further study the effects of the conflict for instance on the African continent, in the context of the definition of the strategies of Italy, the European Union and NATO to manage potential crises, including migratory crises, as a consequence of the conflict”. To this needs wishes to respond the conference “The Impact for Africa of the Conflict in Eastern Europe: A Challenge to International Security”, scheduled on Thursday 22 September at 2 pm at the Aula Magna of the Sant’Anna School (in presence or remotely through the Webex plartform). Academics, members of the military and diplomats shall participate to the conference, with the aim of creating a dialogue among different disciplinary areas and forms of expertise, all equally indispensable to realize the so-called “comprehensive approach” called for the strategic documents of the Atlantic Alliance in dealing with complex issues such as the management of international crises.

The Sant’Anna School contributes to this approach – continues Andrea de Guttry – not only through its scientific expertise in the fields of international relations and international law, but also by mobilizing the energies of PhDs, honor students, and students of the Master in Security Studies, who have with great dedication prepared factsheets on the relations between African countries and two States with a significant geopolitical projection in the continent, namely the Russian federation and China, as empirical support for the conference’s discussion”. Andrea de Guttry so concludes: “We are honored to cooperate on these topics with an excellence such as the Divisione Vittorio Veneto of the Italian Army, and we hope to continue and further deepen this fruitful collaboration also on other issues that are crucial to the definition of the role of Italy and of the most relevant international organizations of which it is a party on the international stage.”

For information and to confirm participation to the conference please write to the following address: