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Cooperation between Italy and African Countries: training course on combating cybercrime and protecting personal data kicks off, funded by italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperationand coordinated by Sant'Anna School

The new course in the framework of the training and assistance project for the judiciary of Cameroon, Chad, Mali and Niger


Publication date: 17.10.2023
Corso di alta formazione per magistrati africani
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Cooperation between Italy and African countries is being consolidated thanks to the contribution of the Sant'Anna School and the decisive support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI): the advanced training course organized by our country, successfully promoted in collaboration with local partners and addressed to magistrates from Cameroon, Chad, Mali and Niger to deepen their knowledge of issues related to the protection of personal data and the fight against cybercrime, has just concluded.

The course involved a number of practitioners, leading experts in the field, including Gianluca Grasso, from the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura; Marilena Missorici and Chiara Romano, from the Italian Data Protection Authority; Denise Amram and Francesca Gennari from the Sant'Anna School; Alberto Perduca, former public prosecutor. Thanks to the contribution of the lecturers, the training course, divided into several days of teaching, delved into various topics with the aim of enhancing the participants' skills in the field of cybercrime investigation, consolidating their abilities to ensure, among other topics, respect for privacy and protection of sensitive data, legal compliance, prevention of cybersecurity risks.

The training course in favour of judicial actors from Cameroon, Chad, Mali and Niger engages the Sant'Anna School, following similar initiatives that took place between 2018 and 2022, in particular with the project “Strengthening the judicial systems of African countries through training (2022-23)”, further demonstrating the consolidation of international cooperation in the crucial area of training and capacity building, thanks to the decisive support ensured by the Farnesina, which confirmed its commitment to these initiatives with the participation of Mario Bartoli, from the DGMO, at the closing ceremony of the training.

“This initiative – says Andrea de Guttry, course Director and Full Professor of International Law at Sant'Anna School – represents a further step forward in the well-established collaboration with African countries in training on crucial issues for strengthening the justice system and the rule of law.”