EDucational robotics: SANT'ANNA school biorobotics institute e-rob project sponsored by tim foundation culminates with THE ROBOT BEES final COMPETITION

More than 30 Bee-Bot, the robot bees, came to an exciting competition at the Fondazione Stella Maris di Calambrone (Pisa) as the e-Rob project allowed students to design and program robot bees completing their tasks. Primary school students met for the tournament to improve their skills, to work hard and make a contribution to the team; it is not about winning trophies – it is positive competition that is good for mind and brain training.

More than 250 children participated in the e-Rob project sponsored by TIM Foundation and Pisa City Council authority. 60 of them programmed the robot bees.

Neuropsychologists and neuropsychiatrists of IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris and robotics and programming experts of Sant’Anna Biorobotics Institute used an e-learning platform to improve 20 children’s visual perceptual motor abilities (some of the children had disabilities, vision problems and LDs). Scientists have proved that social robots can enhance learning and may prove to be an effective rehabilitation approach for improving cognitive functions.

The Institute of BioRobotics at Sant’Anna School and research centers in Pisa have developed robotics education lessons that provide students a learning tool for educational transformation. This first competition event not only included challenges and games. Teams prepared and worked with thirty bees to accomplish the tasks without the aid of parents or teachers.

The winners of the competition represented their schools “R. M. Genovesi”, “A. Moretti”, “D. Chiesa”, “E. Toti”, Istituto Arcivescovile Paritario Santa Caterina, “G. Parmini”, “G. Oberdan”, “S. Quasimodo” and “G. Viviani”.