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Eticamente - dialoghi per il presente. The contributions of the Sant'Anna School to the two days of meetings on science and technology. the initiative scheduled at the Teatro Mecenate in Arezzo: human and artificial intelligence, the perspectives

Publication date: 27.10.2023
Eticamente 2023
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This is the sixth edition of 'Eticamente - dialoghi per il presente', the initiative scheduled at the Teatro Mecenate in Arezzo and organised by the association Castelsecco - Aps with the cooperation of the Fondazione Guido D'Arezzo to talk about science, technology and the prospects of artificial intelligence. Two days of meetings, discussions and debates (28 October and 4 November) in which students and citizens will have the opportunity to meet scientists, researchers and science popularizers. The Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna supports the initiative and is taking part in the 4 November initiative, entitled 'Human and Artificial Intelligence', with contributions from Barbara Henry, full professor at the Institute of Dirpolis (Law, Politics, Development), and Alberto Mazzoni, assistant professor at the BioRobotics Institute.

Human and artificial intelligence: perspectives

Human and artificial intelligence, an innovative topic and, precisely for this reason, the source of motivated enthusiasm but also of many concerns of a social nature (employment, new inequalities, powers that are difficult to control ...) and also of an ethical nature, due to the difficulty of foreseeing at the moment the possible repercussions and limits of its widespread application. Alberto Mazzoni will have a discussion with high school students on the topic 'Artificial Intelligence, what horizons', while Barbara Henry will address an audience of students on the relationship between human and algorythms.