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EURAM 2023: the Sant'Anna School presented a rich program of talks at the conference to exchange ideas and shape the future of management, at Trinity College Dublin

Publication date: 20.06.2023
EURAM 2023 Trinity College
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Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies participated at Trinity College Dublin in the EURAM (European Academy of Management) 2023 conference, an opportunity for universities from around the world to exchange ideas and shape the future of management. The delegation, composed of representatives from the Institute of Economics and the Health Science Interdisciplinary Center of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, had ample space on the event's agenda with a keynote speech by Giovanni Dosi, professor of Economic Policy, and eight speeches, as well as a citation to research conducted by Fabio Iraldo, professor of Economics and Business Management during the keynote speech given by David Teece, professor at the University of California - Berkeley.

The speeches by the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
  • "The role of self-efficacy in the acceptance of paradoxical tensions at the individual level: linking Paradox and Goal Setting theories" - Alice Alosi, Giulia Casamento, Eleonora Annunziata, Francesco Rizzi, Marco Frey;
  • “Healthcare services: a paradigm shift towards sustainability” – Vera Benedetto, Francesca Ferré, Sabina Nuti;
  • “A paradox perspective on corporate sustainability and resilience during a global crisis”- Vinicio Di Iorio, Francesco Testa, Daniel Korschun, Guia Bianchi;
  • "Green work climate and employees' eco-initiatives: assessing interactions of work meaningfulness and supervisor environmental proprity" - Natalia Marzia Gusmerotti, Niccolò Maria Todaro, Duccio Tosi, Francesco Testa;
  • "The systemic transition of value chains to the circular economy: a co-created measurement framework to link research and practice" - Natalia Marzia Gusmerotti, Domenico Mecca, Filippo Corsini, Marco Frey, Corrado Creutti;
  • “Which drivers influence the different approaches of companies willing to engage with their communities? Evidences from a case study” - Fabio Iannone, Eleonora Annunziata, Francesco Rizzi, Marco Frey, Michele Contini;
  • “What does stimulate people to co-assess public services? A discrete choice experiment in healthcare” – Veronica Spataro, Sabina De Rosis, Milena Vainieri;
  • "Technology transfer through Open Innovation practices: a qualitative study on public and private Proof-of-Concept (PoC) programs" - Giovanni Tolin, Andrea Piccaluga;
  • "Enablers of sustainability integration in the European sports sector: an empirical investigation through the lens of structuration theory.": Niccolò Maria Todaro, Gianluca Gionfriddo, Tiberio Daddi.


On the cover: (from left) Gianluca Gionfriddo, Domenico Mecca, Vinicio di Iorio, Duccio Tosi, Fabio Iannone