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Evaluation of European Research: a prestigious role for Maria Chiara Carrozza

Publication date: 01.02.2016
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A strong Italian involvement in the evaluation of two "flagship projects" of European Research: Maria Chiara Carrozza, Professor at the Biorobotics Institute of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies,was nominated President of the Commission that must evaluate the intermediate plan of two projects launched in 2013: the Human Brain Project and the Graphene.

The Human Brain project aims to understand the human brain through the creation of a supercomputer; the Graphene project contributes to the knowledge and use of Graphene, a nanomaterial with resistance of diamond and flexibility of plastic.

The commission is also composed by:

Charlotte Brogen, General Director of the Swedish Government Agency for innovation (VINNOVA)

Ruth McKernan, General Director of the United Kingdom Government Executive Agency for innovation (INNOVATE)

Matthias Kleiner, President of Leibniz Association

Paul Kidd, President of Abbeyvale Housing

Michal Kleiber, President of European Acedemy of sciences and arts

Maria Chiara Carrozza says: “I am proud to receive this assignment. I will do my best to achieve goals and respect the guidelines of the European Evaluation”