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Rare diseases day, AriSLA launches social campaign 'Research is value'. Andrea Bandini, researcher at the Sant'Anna School, participated in the campaign

Publication date: 29.02.2024
Fondazione AriSLA
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"Research is an indispensable value to find the answers that people living with rare diseases need. AriSLA's vision is to direct and support excellent ALS research with greater impact in the clinic".

The AriSLA Foundation ETS, the main non-profit organisation funding scientific research on ALS, has launched a social awareness campaign #researchisvalue launched by the Foundation in view of the important 'Rare Disease Day'. This day, which is celebrated on 29 February, was established in 2008 to draw attention to the needs of people with rare diseases and their families and the need to support research as a fundamental tool to improve the lives of these people. 

 Andrea Bandini, assistant professor at the Interdisciplinary Health Science Research Centre of the Sant'Anna School, joined the campaign.
"ALS impairs vital abilities such as speaking and swallowing, which are fundamental for everyday life. My research on ALS aims to create innovative technologies to identify such dysfunctions early and thus enable more effective treatments'.

Andrea Bandini is coordinator of the MIMOSA research project supported by AriSLA. The project will develop new methods for the assessment of bulbar ALS problems related to swallowing and speech.