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GreenAgers Awards 2024: the best works created by 102 students from the middle schools of Casciana Terme and Lari were awarded as part of the project created by the Sant'Anna School together with Progetto .TER.R.Æ.

GreenAgers is an environmental education project, sponsored by the Municipality of Casciana Terme Lari, created by Associazione Progetto .TER.R.Æ. and created together with the Ecosystems and Public Engagement Team of Sant'Anna School
Publication date: 04.06.2024
GreenAgers Awards
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On 1 June 2024, the GreenAgers Awards 2024 awards ceremony took place at the Chalet delle Terme in Casciana Terme. The day closed the first edition of GreenAgers, the project conceived by Associazione Progetto .TER.R.Æ and implemented in collaboration with the Public Engagement team of the Sant'Anna School and sponsored by the Municipality of Casciana Terme Lari. 

The project saw the participation of 102 students enrolled in the first classes of the middle schools of Casciana and Lari, engaged in the creation of artistic and multimedia works aimed at raising awareness in the community on the topic of environmental protection and sustainability.

The initiative was born with the aim of involving young people in creative activities that lead them to reflect on the importance of protecting the environment. The project encouraged students to express their ideas and concerns through the production of videos, photographs, drawings and other forms of art. The multidisciplinary approach has made it possible to combine environmental education with creative expression, stimulating greater awareness and responsibility towards the planet in children.

Present at the awards ceremony were the volunteers of the .TER.R.Æ project, the councilor for the environment Emanuele Baroni, the councilor for public education and school services Chiara Ceccarè, the families of the children and the ecosystems and public engagement of the Sant'Anna School.

Awards and winners

The jury, composed of Francesco Tamburini President of Progetto .TER.R.Æ, Cristiana Neri and Elisabetta Puzella of the U.O. Ecosystems and Public Engagement and Moira Nazzari, communications expert from the Outreach and Impact of the Scuola Sant'Anna, had the difficult task of selecting the winners from over 100 works presented. Evaluation criteria included the originality, creativity, execution and emotional impact of the works.

More than 10 prizes were awarded divided into the categories of Best Video, Best Photo, Best Drawing and some special mentions for works that stood out for particular merit.

The awards ceremony represented the culmination of months of work and commitment by the students, supported by their teachers and families.

This initiative demonstrated how environmental education can be successfully integrated into school activities, while promoting creativity and social awareness.