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Health and wellness promotion and prevention: from the "Proximity Care" project comes a web app to learn about services offered to youth and adolescents in Garfagnana. The presentation at the Teatro dei Differenti in Barga (Lucca)

The web application designed in collaboration with the students to be attuned to languages and topics of interest

Publication date: 14.12.2023
Presentazione web app sviluppata con progetto Proximity Care a Barga
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A web application (web app) developed in collaboration with students of the ISI of Barga (Lucca), to improve access to health and wellness promotion and prevention services dedicated to the younger generations, using tools and languages familiar to them. The presentation was held at the Teatro dei Differenti, in Barga, on Tuesday, December 19..

The application is part of the "Proxy Young" project line, as part of "Proximity Care," the project proposed by the Sant'Anna School, developed by its Interdisciplinary Health Science Research Center, with the participation of the university's institutes and with the support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca. Supporting the project are the Tuscany Region, Azienda USL Toscana Nord Ovest, the Monasterio Foundation.

The web app is the result of a "co-design" or "participatory design" experience, which involved researchers, technicians, health care professionals, students, and faculty engaged in a process of identifying content and language and consequent graphic design. One of the strengths of this application is that it is designed by those who are going to use it, with a process of innovation that makes it personalized and more effective in terms of languages and communication tools.

The event on Tuesday, December 19, at the Teatro dei Differenti in Barga will feature speeches by those who promoted, financed and led the activities, with a central role for the group of Barga ISI students who co-designed the tool by interacting with the OpenDot company and the project research team. Also planned during the morning is the announcement of the next steps of the "Proxy Young," with the involvement of two additional groups of students from the two Garfagnana high schools (ISI Barga and ISI Garfagnana in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana) to help further disseminate the application.

The event on Tuesday, Dec. 19 is expected to be attended by Caterina Campani, (mayor of Barga), Iolanda Bocci (school director of ISI Barga), Sabina Nuti (rector of the Sant'Anna School), Maria Pia Mencacci (board member of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca), Martina Giulianelli and Line Ulrika Christiansen (OpenDot), Valeria Massei (education and health promotion of the northern area of the Azienda USL Toscana Nord Ovest), Alberto Giannoni (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), Francesca Pennucci (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), the students of ISI of Barga.