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"I have a degree in my pocket... what next?" is the event on post-graduate opportunities, organized by the Sant'Anna School for the 2071st district Rotaract Club Association, visiting the School on Friday 3 May

In a constantly evolving world, acquiring up-to-date and flexible skills has become essential to staying competitive on the job market and to contributing to the progress of society
Publication date: 03.05.2024
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In the contemporary educational landscape, graduation is often considered a crucial stage in an individual's educational journey. However, what happens after obtaining the academic degree is a less defined territory, made up of choices, challenges and opportunities to explore.

The meeting organized on Friday 3 May by the Third Mission Area of ​​the Sant'Anna High School, aimed at the girls and boys of the Rotaract Club Association in the 2071st district, focused on this theme.

Among the speakers of the day: Cristiana Neri, responsible for Public Engagement, Fabio Iraldo, coordinator of the doctoral programs, Giacomo Tuci, representative of the Seasonal Schools, and Claudio Passino, Director of the Higher Education Area. Their skills enriched the debate and provided the children with a comprehensive overview of the opportunities available at Scuola Sant'Anna.

One of the central themes that emerged during the meeting was the importance of considering postgraduate training not only as a path of professional specialization, but also as an opportunity for personal growth and cultural enrichment.

This meeting represented an important opportunity for discussion and reflection on the post-graduate training opportunities of the Sant'Anna School and the participants were able to explore the different paths that open up after obtaining the qualification, acquiring new ideas and motivations for the own path of professional and personal growth.