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"I'll tell you about the Sant'Anna School" is the event aimed at the students of the "Garibaldi Pipitone" State Middle School in Marsala, visiting on Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th March

The event is reserved for students of the "Garibaldi Pipitone" State Middle School in Marsala, who will participate in the guided tour of the school and some seminars
Publication date: 06.03.2024
Ti racconto la Scuola
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The Third Mission Area recently organized an engaging two-day program dedicated exclusively to students of the "Garibaldi Pipitone" State Middle School in Marsala (TP), offering them an opportunity to explore the academic world and take a look at closer on the excellence of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

During their educational visit to Pisa, the young participants will be accompanied by staff members of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna who will enthusiastically share their experiences with the girls and boys from Marsala.

On March 20, students will have the opportunity to attend a short seminar entitled "The researcher: a job to discover" held by the fantastic researcher Fabio Iannone, from the Institute of Management, which promises to offer an engaging look at the world of research, unique challenges and opportunities.

Following this, Chiara Evangelista, expert from the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence, will make a presentation on the topic of Virtual and Augmented Reality, offering an in-depth and exciting analysis on these cutting-edge technologies and their impact on the contemporary world.

Both days will begin with a presentation of the Sant'Anna School, curated by the Terza Missione Area which will briefly tell the history, research and functioning of the School through the projection of videos.

The visit will culminate with a tour guided by the School staff who will lead the students through the central complex of the university, revealing to them the most fascinating places of the Sant'Anna School. This meeting promises to be an unforgettable, enriching and stimulating experience for all participants, highlighting the value and importance of higher education and research for the future of new generations.