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Implementation of new innovation technology infrastructure to facilitate the growth of the quantum computing market: in the context of the NRRP, the Ministry of University and Research admits the project of Sant'Anna School for funding

The Sant'Anna School, as proponent, will have to utilize the contribution of private co-financing entities, at least 51 percent: how to request info

Publication date: 29.06.2022
Nuova infrastruttura di ricerca grazie a fondi PNRR
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The project, worth 40 million, submitted by Sant'Anna School for the new innovation technology infrastructure called "Innovation Infrastructure (I) on Quantum, advanced Materials and Photonics (QMPI)", with the aim of encouraging the growth of the quantum computing market, has been included in the ranking of projects eligible for funding by the Ministry of University and Research, following technical-scientific and economic-financial evaluations. This ministerial financing promotes interventions addressed to the realization or modernization of technological innovation infrastructure, in implementation of Investment 3.1. ("Fund for the realization of an integrated system of research and innovation infrastructure") of Mission 4 ("Education and Research") - Component 2 ("From Research to Enterprise") of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

The new innovation infrastructure named "Innovation Infrastructure (I) on Quantum, advanced Materials and Photonics (QMPI)" will be realized at the Sant'Anna Campus in San Giuliano Termeand will occupy about 3800 square meters. A clean room (about 2 thousand square meters), laboratories (about a thousand square meters), offices (about 800 square meters) are planned to be built in this area.

The Sant'Anna School, as the proposing entity, will have to make use of the contribution of private co-financing actorsat least 51 percent, identified in compliance with European and national regulations (Procurement Code), within the framework of the public-private partnership discipline.

The macro steps of the project will be as follows:

  • the selection of the private entity; 
  • the implementation of the project.


Private entities interested in offering themselves as co-funders can write to for more information.