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International acknowledgements: Antonella Bogoni, Full Professor of Telecommunications at the TeCIP Institute of the Sant'Anna School, elected "Fellow Member" of Optica (Optical Society of America) for relevant contribution to the development of photonics

The organization is the worldwide reference that brings together leading scientists in the science of light. Congratulations from Rector Sabina Nuti and TeCIP Institute Director Piero Castoldi

Publication date: 23.11.2022
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Again an international acknowledgement for a professor from the Sant'Anna School: Antonella Bogoni, a full professor of Telecommunications at the TeCIP (Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, Photonics) Institute, has been elected "Fellow Member" in the "Fellow Class" of Optica (Optical Society of America), an association founded in 1916 to bring together leading scientists around the world who work in optics and photonics, disciplines related in particular to the development of telecommunications networks.

Antonella Bogoni's acknowledgement as a "Fellow Member" was made official by the Board of Directors of Optica, whose goals are to promote the generation, application, archiving and dissemination of knowledge in optics and photonics globally. The recognition, which was awarded to the Sant'Anna School faculty member, is reserved for scientists who, through their research activities, have particularly distinguished themselves in the advancement of knowledge and applications for optics and photonics. In these two fields Optica is considered the reference organization for scientists, engineers, professionals, students and anyone interested in the science of light.

Antonella Bogoni, becoming a "Fellow Member" of Optica, was honored, in particular, for her significant contributions to high-speed optical signal processing and photonics for microwaves, including photonics-based radars. Antonella Bogoni was, in fact, the winner of a project funded by the European Research Council to develop a new generation of photonic radars for airport traffic control. At the conclusion of the project, confirming the scientific relevance, the results were published in Nature and set the basis for the ongoing development of new systems for space in collaboration with the Ministry of University and Research, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.

"On behalf of the academic community", says Sabina Nuti, Rector of the Sant'Anna School, "I congratulate Antonella Bogoni on her appointment as a 'Fellow Member' of Optica. This new acknowledgement confirms Antonella Bogoni's ability to bring relevant contributions to some of the most advanced research topics in the Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field, in crucial areas for our future such as, in this case, the development of telecommunications. Antonella Bogoni is a great example for our students".

"I would like to extend the warmest congratulations to Antonella Bogoni", comments Piero Castoldi, Director of the TeCIP Institute of the Sant'Anna School, "who, with her research, has determined fundamental advances in knowledge in the field of photonics. The Sant'Anna School, once again, demonstrates its leadership in a scientific area that will have an impact on building the Internet of the future and related services".

 Cover Photo: Antonella Bogoni.