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International awards: Filippo Bordoni, honour student at the Sant'Anna School, is among the winners of the prize entitled to David Sassoli for the best dissertation

Publication date: 12.01.2023
Premio David Sassoli
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Filippo Bordoni, a honour student of the Sant'Anna School in Legal Sciences, is among the winners of the 'Best David Sassoli thesis' award, promoted by the Regional Council of Tuscany and aimed at young graduates from Tuscan universities. The prize is not only an occasion to remember David Sassoli, former President of the European Parliament who died at the beginning of 2022; but also to offer young graduates the opportunity to grow and a future perspective within European values. The award ceremony was held at the Pegaso Palace in Florence. 

"This initiative is intended to hold together the memory of David Sassoli with a future perspective that only the youngest can offer," said Regional Council President Antonio Mazzeo. "The announcement was not only a nice way to remember David, but will give deserving young people the opportunity to grow and dream within European values."

Twenty-two theses were examined by the Commission. The Commission consisted of Benedetta Baldi of the University of Florence, Edoardo Bressanelli of the Sant'Anna School in Pisa and Massimiliano Montini of the University of Siena, and Jacopo Cellini of the European University Institute,

The three prize-winning theses

The winners are Alice Campolmi, a graduate from the University of Florence, first place; Filippo Bordoni, a graduate from the University of Pisa, second place; and Mira Manini Tiwari, from the University of Siena, third place. The €10,000 grant is distributed as follows: the first prize is awarded €5,000, the second prize €3,000 and the third prize €2,000.
Alice Campolmi's thesis, entitled 'The protection of foreigners subjected to detention measures: European Union legislation and its implementation in the Italian legal system', is a topic of great political, legal and social relevance that tackles issues of close relevance in the public debate.
The one by Filippo Bordoni, 'Management through algorithms and privacy problems: a European approach', deals with a problem pertaining to labour law, i.e. the impact of algorithms for the management of workers on the right to privacy. Finally, Mina Manini Tiwari's thesis deals with another issue at the centre of public discussion, namely that of the ecological transition promoted by the European Union through the European Green Deal investment plan and how this can be combined with redistributive and social justice logics.

"I am very grateful and honoured for this award," said Alice Campolmi, "and I hope to be able to contribute to advancing David Sassoli's thinking in a concrete way.

"I am very happy with this recognition," said Filippo Bordoni, "The possibility for the European Union to effectively regulate the relationship between new technologies and workers' rights is a very topical issue and one that is linked to the social rights in which Sassoli believed.

The award for Mina Manini Tiwari, currently in India, was presented to Professor Simone Borghesi of the University of Siena.