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International awards: a study on cybersecurity systems by the ReTiS Laboratory of the Sant'Anna School receives the Best Paper Award as part of Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT Week 2023

The research involved collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and was evaluated by a panel of international experts

Publication date: 06.06.2023
Borgioli RETIS 1
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The study "Real-Time Packet-Based Intrusion Detection on Edge Devices", conducted by a research team from the ReTiS Laboratory of the TeCIP (Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, and Photonics) Institute composed of PhD students Niccolò Borgioli and Federico Aromolo, along with Information Processing Systems professors Alessandro Biondi and Giorgio Buttazzo and with the collaboration of Linh Thi Xuan Phan, professor at the University of Pennsylvania, received the Best Paper Award during the workshop "Real-time And intelliGent Edge computing" (RAGE) as part of Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT Week 2023 (CPS-IoT-Week 2023).

The research, which was evaluated by a panel of international experts as the best contribution to the workshop, aims to answer some questions related to the growing number of security threats to cyber-physical systems. Traditional security systems, called intrusion detection systems (IDS), rely on predefined patterns to identify attacks, but they struggle to keep up with constantly evolving attack techniques, making them less effective at detecting new and sophisticated attacks. In this contest, the response of the research team that developed an intelligent IDS that learns expected network traffic and detects malicious behavior using advanced machine learning algorithms.

The full article is available HERE.


Cover: Niccolò Borgioli, one of the paper's authors.