Industrial engineering is a field where the "internet of things" has become a well-established tool and Trenitalia is one of the most committed companies in the world in the development and application of technologies that combine "internet of things" with "big data"; a new way of managing data which are collected, correlated and analyzed in real time, thanks to an extensive network of sensors. Trenitalia is an innovative company that pursues a dynamic, component-based maintenance strategy, and, through the "internet of things", "big data," scientific work and cooperation with universities and schools of excellence, wants to achieve the goal of excellence in predictive maintenance.

The most innovative projects and future development prospects will be presented at the railway museum of Pietarsa (Naples) which is hosting the event promoted by Trenitalia and SAP, a German company that develops the predictive maintenance service. Participants include Barbara Morgante, CEO of Trenitalia and Tiziano Onesti, President of Trenitalia.

Before the audience composed of Italian institutions representatives, most influential leaders and notable industrial engineers, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and the Polytechnic University of Milan, longtime business partners, renamed by Trenitalia as "the wings of 'innovation", were the only universities invited to the event. In particular, Sant’Anna School is a strategic partner for machine vision, robotics, and wireless sensors.

Invited speakers at the event in Pietrarsa (Naples) include Massimo Bergamasco, director of Sant'Anna TeCIP Institute (Communication Technologies, Information, Perception) lecturing on the “Industrial Revolution 4.0”; Carlo Alberto Avizzano and Matteo Petracca, researchers at TeCIP Institute, who will focus on the projects designed for Trenitalia that, in a nutshell, have the common objective of verifying the conditions of carriage with real time information.

The project "Vision and robotic systems to improve the maintenance on condition", designed by Carlo Alberto Avizzano, would include the construction of a new data acquisition and semiautonomous process system to test how "healthy” the rolling stock is. This system, composed of robot multi-layered hybrid architecture is able to process the "three-dimensional radiography" of a train during the passage through a portal equipped with detection devices.

The results of the measurement system are then processed and integrated with the new architecture of "Maintenance of condition", developed at Sap company and Trenitalia.
The data will be then accessible to local and remote workers with immersive visualization techniques.

The preliminary prototype will be installed and validated at Osmannoro (Florence) Trenitalia Tuscany regional maintenance center.

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