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Introduction to the Italian Intelligence System: with a lecture by Prefect Franco Gabrielli on Thursday, January the 26th, opens the course for honors students of the Sant'Anna School, organized by Andrea de Guttry, professor of International Law

Inaugural lecture by Franco Gabrielli, former Chief of Police and former Undersecretary of State to the Prime Minister in Mario Draghi's government (Delegated Authority for the Security of the Republic)

Publication date: 20.01.2023
Franco Gabrielli
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"The Challenges for the Italian Intelligence System in 2023: An Overview" is the title of the lecture on Thursday, January the 26th (2 p.m., Aula 3) held at the Sant'Anna School by Prefect Franco Gabrielli, former police chief and former undersecretary of State to the Prime Minister's Office in Mario Draghi's government (Delegated Authority for the Security of the Republic). This is the lecture that kicks off the internal course, for honors students of the Sant'Anna School, dedicated to the Italian intelligence system, organized by Andrea de Guttry, professor of International Law.

The lectures, which are highly innovative in nature, aim to examine and delve into the articulation and modes of operation of Italian intelligence systems, thanks in part to the valuable collaboration of various professors from Sant'Anna School, former service officials as well as the two deputy directors of the Department of Information Security (DIS), Prefect Alessandra Guidi and Dr. Bruno Valensise. The DIS is the body used by the President of the Council of Ministers and the Delegated Authority to carry out their functions and to ensure unity in the planning of information research, analysis and operational activities of AISE (Agency for Information and External Security) and AISI (Agency for Information and Internal Security).

During the internal course at the Sant'Anna School, various topics will be covered, such as the activity of espionage and counter-espionage, in the light of international law, the figure and role of the agent infiltrator and provocateur in the jurisprudence of the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) and in recent Italian jurisprudence, the architecture and tasks of the information system for the security of the Republic, the discipline of State Secrets in the Italian legal system, in the light of constitutional jurisprudence, intelligence and national interests.

"With this initiative, the Sant'Anna School wants to offer, once again, a unique opportunity for its students", comments Professor Andrea de Guttry, "to learn more about the role and functions of the Italian intelligence apparatuses, to ensure the security of the of the State and its citizens. This at a particular time, such as the present, when the international context and the new challenges that it poses require an extraordinary effort by all the actors of the national security system. The very recent cases of expulsion of Russian diplomatic staff suspected of 'espionage' as a result of the conflict in Ukraine from numerous European countries, such as the case of 'Adela', an alleged Russian spy believed, on the basis of journalistic reconstructions, to have been operating for years in NATO circles in Naples, confirm - he concludes - the dramatic nature of the situation and the need for an appropriate response". 

Cover Photo: Franco Gabrielli.