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Juvenile sudden cardiac death, knowing it to prevent it: 170 students from the "Cerboni" and "Foresi" schools in Portoferraio involved in a screening. It is the first one held on the island of Elba

The initiative was held as part of projects coordinated by Sant'Anna School. Associate Professor and cardiologist Alberto Giannoni, on behalf of the research team: "A step toward creating a culture of preventive health in the new generations"

Publication date: 15.05.2024
Morte cardiaca improvvisa giovanile, conoscerla per prevenirla: screening all'Isola d'Elba
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For the first time on Elba Island, a screening was conducted to counter juvenile sudden cardiac death. A total of 170 students from the "Cerboni" Commercial and Surveyor Technical Institute and the "Foresi" Higher Education Institute in Portoferraio were involved in a prevention program, thanks to the "JUST-Coast" project, an extension of the "JUST" project (an acronym for "JUvenile Sudden deaTh: JUST know and treat"), coordinated by the Sant'Anna School of Pisa in collaboration with Monasterio.

The screening was supported by the "THE" ("Tuscany Health Ecosystem") project, financed with PNRR funds and with the Sant'Anna School of Pisa as coordinator of that part dedicated to population health, and was promoted by Alberto Giannoni and Michele Emdin, associate professor and full professor at the Sant'Anna School, respectively, and Emilio Pasanisi, director of Cardiology at Livorno Hospital. The examinations were performed by Alberto Giannoni, together with dr. Francesca Bonanni. Nursing support was provided by Angela Durante and Francesca Moschetti, both from Sant'Anna School.

The 170 students involved in "JUST-Coast" were presented with questionnaires on familiarity for sudden death or diseases that may predispose to sudden death, and electrocardiograms were performed digitally. A part of the students then underwent cardiology examination at Portoferraio Hospital, thanks to the support of Riccardo Cecchetti, chief of internal medicine.

"The 'JUST-Coast' project marks a milestone," emphasizes Alberto Giannoni, speaking on behalf of the entire research team, "in the fight against juvenile sudden cardiac death on Elba Island, to raise awareness and prepare the community on the importance of prevention. The screenings represented a first step toward creating a culture of preventive health among young people, which is particularly important in the inland areas of the Tuscany region. For the success of this screening campaign, the support of the school principals of the two Portoferraio schools involved, Lorella Di Biagio of 'Cerboni,' and Alessandra Rando of 'Foresi,' was crucial. Our thanks go to them."

Cover photo: from left Francesca Moschetti, Alberto Giannoni, Francesca Bonanni, Angela Durante.