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"Mai dire maschi", the first podcast of Sant'Anna School, online on the main platforms: realised within the ENGINE project, to analyse the many ways many ways to perform masculinity

In the week that embraces International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, available the first episode with guest Camilo Villagran, activist and MD student

Publication date: 21.11.2023
Copertina Mai dire maschi
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On 25th November is celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, an issue which is sadly all over the news in these very days. Gender-based violence is a structural and systemic problem linked to the normalization of sexist violence and oppressive models of masculinity due to a stereotyping of gender roles that affects in different ways both men and women.

With the ENGINE Project, coordinated by Anna Loretoni, professor of Political Philosophy, the Sant’Anna School works with teenage boys, young men and their teachers, sports coaches and university professors to promote alternatives to toxic masculinity and to educate and train generations of allies.

Now one more tool is available: “Mai dire maschi”, a podcast hosted by Federica Merenda, with interviews with writers, thinkers and other public figures about the many ways to perform masculinity while fighting against stereotypes, violence and discrimination.

The topics covered in the first episode are how to deconstruct oneself as a teenage boy, sex education and “pleasure” education with Camilo Villagran, a MD student and activist of the association Chi si cura di te.

“Mai dire maschi” is now available on all platforms and you can find it at the following link: