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Middle East: the Academic Senate shares CRUI's position and condemns violence in international disputes, calling for an international political initiative for a swift and lasting solution, in accordance with international law

The Academic Senate, on November 14th meeting, observed a minute of silence for the victims of all conflicts

Publication date: 21.11.2023
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Durint its meeting on November 14th  2023, the Academic Senate of Sant'Anna School, after observing a minute of silence for the victims of all conflicts, focused its attention once again on the military escalation in Gaza, also in relation to the position of the CRUI (Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities) assembly last October 19th  At the conclusion of the assembly, the CRUI addressed "a warm message of reassurance and closeness" to students from war zones in Italian universities, as well as "lively and trembling solidarity" to studentsfaculty and technical and administrative staff in crisis areas. Universities, the CRUI stressed, are by their very nature, places of meeting and dialogue between cultures as well as places for the development of critical thinking, tools to look to for any peace building, "in the Middle Eastern theater and in all the places in the world, unfortunately numerous, where the drama of war is experienced."

The Academic Senate expressed full support for CRUI's position, reiterating that Sant'Anna School stands by all civilian victims of the conflict, both Israeli and Palestinian, in Gaza and in Cisgiordania, by the hostages and their families, as well as the aid workers in Gaza who have tragically lost their lives as a result of the conflict.

In particular, since in line with the provisions of international law civilians must always be protected during conflicts, Sant'Anna School is deeply concerned about the catastrophic humanitarian situation and the high number of civilian casualties brought about by the ongoing conflict in Gaza, as well as the deteriorating security situation throughout the region, and therefore feels the duty to join the call for a lasting humanitarian ceasefire.

In continuity with the intent, expressed in its previous statement, to inform and bring awareness to the academic community on the causes of violence in the region and possible solutions, the Academic Senate is also committed to fostering moments of confrontation that allow for greater awareness of the complexity of the conflict and strengthen values of peaceself-determination of peoples, and respect for human rights.

Finally, Sant'Anna School reiterates its condemnation of violence as a means of resolving international disputes and calls for an international political initiative that will lead to a swift and lasting solution to the Palestinian-Israeli situation that can ensure peace and justice in accordance with international law.

Cover photo: image from the CRUI website.