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The impact of digitisation and technology on society is the theme of the sixth edition of the Monaco Women Forum. Veronica Iacovacci (BioRobotics Institute of the Sant'Anna School) among the international experts invited to speak about Tech

Publication date: 30.03.2023
Monaco Women Forum
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Veronica Iacovacci, post-doc at BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, participated as a speaker in the sixth edition of the Monaco Women Forum, an event conceived by journalist Cinzia Sgambati-Colman, under the High Patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco.
The theme of the conference was the global and transversal impact of digitalisation and technology on society, with a view to a transition towards a green economy. The topic allowed speakers to share their expertise and advances in their field, such as cyber security, technology for health, finance and digital assets, and the virtual economy for smart city development.

Robotics and digitalisation for a new healthcare model

In the conference moderated by Maria Betti, former Director of the European Commission and of the United Nations IAEA for Environment and Energy, Veronica Iacovacci addressed the theme of the relationship between robotics and health, explaining how new technologies are being exploited for the development of new intelligent devices that allow medical or surgical procedures to be performed in a minimally invasive way, and in an increasingly reliable, reproducible and safe way.
The other speakers were Leanne Robers, Founder and President of She Loves Tech Global; Domitilla Benigni, CEO & COO Electronics, President of Cy4Gate, President of Women4cyber; Maria-Teresa Minotti, General Manager of PayPal; Manila di Giovanni, Founder and President of DWorld; Laurent Marochini, Chief Innovation Officer of Société Générale, Luxembourg.
Closing remarks were made by Ornella Barra, Chief Operating Officer - International, Walgreens Boots Alliance, sponsor of the event.

Foto credit: Monaco Women Forum