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More space for talent and merit: increasing students who begin their training, thanks to scholarships from Mediobanca, Luca Cavallini Foundation, Fondazione Il Talento all'Opera, Laviosa Foundation, Fondazione Bernardo Villa Gicaber

Publication date: 30.09.2022
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More space for talent and merit thanks to an alliance between universities, associations, foundations, companies, and businesses, with a commitment to bring a new contribution to the development of the Country: compared to last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of students of I and II level courses entering the Sant'Anna School to begin an university career that stands out for the development of knowledge, skills and individual aptitudes through an early start in research, an opening to interdisciplinary, international and collegial dimensions.

At the conclusion of the admission exam, the number of students from I and II level courses rises to 73 (an additional 9 from all over Italy) who will be welcomed to the Sant'Anna School on Saturday, October 1, to begin a path of training and personal growth. The ceremony will be attended by Rector Sabina Nuti, Dean of the Social Sciences Faculty Anna Loretoni, and Dean of the Experimental Sciences Faculty Cesare Stefanini.

The increase in places was made possible thanks to the support of 9 scholarships provided by Mediobanca (4 scholarships: 2 for first-level courses, one for Economic and Managerial Sciences and another for Engineering; 2 for second-level courses, on economic disciplines), Luca Cavallini Foundation (one scholarship for a first-level place in Economic and Managerial Sciences), Fondazione Il Talento all'Opera (intervened in direct support of scholarship intended for first-level courses), Laviosa Foundation (one scholarship for a first-level place, for Engineering), Fondazione Bernardo Villa Gicaber (2 scholarships in memory of Bernardo Bandettini for first-level courses).

Sant'Anna School, currently one of the top 20 young and one of the top 10 small universities in the world, according to rankings released by Times Higher Education, has, since its founding, in 1987, been a benchmark for the enhancement of the merit and talent of its honors students. "These results", comments Rector Sabina Nuti, "can be improved in terms of impact if we collaborate with public and private companies and the no-profit sector”.