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NRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan): job opportunities at Sant'Anna School: selections open for graduate students in various disciplines, from economics to computer science to medicine. Guidelines for applying online

Technologist and technical administrative staff positions, aimed at graduate students in numerous disciplines. Announcements and applications (Italian language) to be submitted by accessing HERE

Publication date: 11.01.2023
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The NRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) brings new job opportunities to the Sant'Anna School, where selections are open for positions as technologists and technical administrative staff, targeting graduates in various disciplines, such as law, economics, engineering, computer science, biology, medicine.

All positions relate to projects for which the Sant'Anna School has received funding under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Winners will work at one of the best young universities in the world (source: THE Young Universities 2022) collaborating with faculty, researchers in the development of projects that cover a wide range of scientific interests, from engineering to medicine, health, cybersecurity, just to name a few by way of example. Submission of applications for the different selections is done online, thanks to forms accessed through SPID (System for Digital Identity), and this ensures quick completion, allowing you to respond even to calls for which the deadline is close.

The notices, referring to the different positions, are available HERE (Italian language), with details of the application deadlines.