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"Parola alle donne": Arianna Menciassi, prorector of the Sant'Anna School, participates on Thursday 21 March in the event organized by the Municipality of Palaia and the Union of Valdera Municipalities

Publication date: 21.03.2024
Arianna Menciassi
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The Valdera Union formed by the municipalities of Bientina, Buti, Calcinaia, Capannoli, Casciana Terme Lari, Chianni, Palaia and Pontedera (Pisa) have organized the "Words to women" exhibition for the month of March with various events in the area. On Thursday 21 March, start 9.30 AM, Arianna Menciassi, full professor at the Biorobotics institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, will be interviewed by the students of the third classes of the "A. Pisano" Secondary School of Palaia.

Arianna Menciassi is team leader of the "Surgical Robotics and related technologies" area at The BioRobotics Institute. Since 2018 she has been Coordinator of the PhD in Biorobotics, and in 2019 she was appointed Vice-Rector of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, with responsibility for University Research.

She received the Well-tech Award (Milan, Italy) for her research on endoscopic capsules, and was awarded by the Tuscany Region with the Silver Banner, as one of the top 10 young talents in the region. It was recently awarded the KUKA Innovation Award, for its work on robot-assisted focused ultrasound.

His main research interests concern surgical robotics, microrobotics for biomedical applications, biomechatronic artificial organs, intelligent and soft solutions for biomedical devices.