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Presentation of the results of the European GREENER project, with the participation of the Sant'Anna School, which aims to improve enterprises with a view to sustainability. Final conference in Brussels on Thursday, November 24th

Publication date: 23.11.2022
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It is approaching the conclusion of the Erasmus+ GREENER project, a 24-month initiative in which the Sustainability Management Laboratory of the Institute of Management of the Sant'Anna School was one of the partners. The GREENER project's main objective is to improve the skills of companies, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, in sustainability, in order to facilitate their involvement in circular and green public contracts.

To mark the occasion, a final conference is planned in Brussels on November 24 at the headquarters of Regione Toscana (Rond Point Schuman, 14 Brussels). During the event, the partners (Sant'Anna School and Servizi Formativi Confindustria for Italy, Cleantech Bulgaria and Bulgaria Consultancy Organization for Bulgaria, CETEM for Spain, and ACR+ for Belgium) present the main results of the project. These touch on several topics: the competency framework, which is the result of interview and questionnaire work with small and medium-sized enterprises and public authorities, the 5-module training course for small and medium-sized enterprises; and the Toolbox to support small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in green procurement. In addition, the results of workshops held with the Advisory Group in different countries and pilot sessions are scheduled to be presented.

For more information, please consult the website , where training modules for enterprises are also available for free.