the “Sant’Anna Business Game- Jebe” competition takes place on april 9 -10, 2019. sixty students from top universities in europe “compete against” managers from top companies

The “Sant’Anna Business Game” presented by “Jebe”, the student-led Junior Enterprise Business & Engineering non-profit consulting organization, is a unique opportunity for 60 talented students from the best universities in Europe to network with representatives of leading companies. The “Sant’Anna Business Game” is a two-day event taking place on April 9-10 at Sant’Anna School that offers consulting engagements and real-life business challenges on marketing, organizational strategy and operational management. Representatives of Jebe, members of the Alliance for European Business Games and the Junior Enterprise tested the 60 students’ ability to compete and work as a team for achieving tasks in the allotted time.

Students from around Europe are invited to team up and solve business problems. These talented students will not need technical expertise or a deep understanding of companies or industries. They will have the chance to interact with entrepreneurs of major companies, develop creative concepts and gain real-world experience. Managers and company’s leaders will offer guidance and help students develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

“The ‘Sant’Anna business game’ is a high quality platform which aims to recognize and promote students’ talents in the business world – says Michele Bellisario, President of Jebe. The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa will continue to foster creativity, talent and merit in addition to supporting growth and development of their student organizations”.

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