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Cooperation between university education and the business world with the Sant'Anna Business Game: managers of multinationals and start-ups challenge 70 students from all over the world on business cases

Publication date: 16.11.2023
Business Game
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The Sant'Anna Business Game returns with the 2023 edition: two days of meeting in Pisa, from the morning of Friday 24 to the afternoon of Saturday 25 November, between successful companies and 70 high merit university students of different nationalities. The meeting is set at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna to take part in the 2023 edition of the event organised by JEBE, the Junior Enterprise founded by students of the Sant'Anna School.

The Sant'Anna Business Game sees the 70 students compete in teams to solve challenges proposed by the management of the sponsoring and supporting companies, creating a bridge between the world of business and university education. The 70 participants, students of bachelor's and master's degrees, come from all over the world (Italy, India, Germany, Belgium, France to name the most represented countries) and belong to different disciplinary fields, from management to computer engineering, passing through psychology and finance.

The event continues to represent an important occasion that extends from the academic community of the Sant'Anna School to the economic fabric of Tuscany; thanks to the collaboration between the students who promoted the creation of JEBE with professors from the Sant'Anna School, in particular from the Institute of Management.  

The main sponsors and supporters of the Sant'Anna Business Game are two multinationals, Bain&co. and Generali. In their case, the prizes of the challenges proposed by their respective management, awarded to three participants, will consist of privileged access to the selection for an internship at Bain&co. and a visit to the company headquarters, for Generali. Among the supporters of the Sant'Anna Business Game is Redbull Italia, whose drinks will provide the necessary energy for the two-day event. Also supporting the event are Tuscan realities, such as Ecosum, a merchandising start-up with a focus on sustainability, based in Florence.

Cover photo: awardees from a previous edition of the Sant'Anna Anna Business Game.