Sant’Anna School Observatory IDEAM - “Your IDEA for Improvement”, a partnership with the University of Siena, to support health policy-making

The health care system is viewed as a complex model. It requires different approaches to follow and understand changes in the national care system and to implement policies across Tuscany and beyond.

The Observatory IDEAM that includes the University of Siena supports and promotes evidence-based health policy-making through a rigorous analysis of the health care system in Tuscany. Activities include the production of health system reports, data collection and analysis, stakeholder interviews, to support organizational systems and to respond to the patients’ needs.

Through the web platform launched by the MeS Laboratory, users and policy makers will be able to monitor how health system develops in Tuscany:

This initiative reflects the trend for online information tools and combines policy debates, ideas and proposals for improvement.

Share your ideas for improving our Community health system!