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Sant'Anna for Ukraine, the solidarity cockades are available: the offers will be donated to support the project of the Italian Red Cross, to contribute to the needs of the refugees. The receptions in Pisa and Pontedera where to participate

Publication date: 26.03.2022
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In the face of the continuing war and the ongoing humanitarian emergency, we would like to send our support to the Ukrainian population with a symbolic gesture of solidarity and a donation campaign to contribute to the enormous needs of refugees and displaced persons. Starting from Thursday, March 17, at the reception of the headquarters in Piazza Martiri della Libertà you can find the "Sant'Anna for Ukraine", cockades which are available with a minimum contribution of 5 euros. The entire proceeds will be donated to the Emergenza Ucraina project of the Italian Red Cross.

The idea of making cockades with the colors of Ukraine was launched by the technical-administrative staff and was immediately welcomed by the General Director Alessia Macchia, who proposed it to the Rector Sabina Nuti, and realized thanks to the collaboration of the external staff employed in the receptions. Anyone interested can contribute to the fundraising effort by picking up the cockades at some of the offices of the Sant'Anna School.  

The entire proceeds will be donated to the Ukraine Emergency project, promoted by the Italian Red Cross. In addition, from Monday, March 21 solidarity cockades will also be available at the receptions of the Tecip Institute of the Sant'Anna School, in Via Giuseppe Moruzzi 1 in Pisa, at the CNR research area, and of the BioRobotics Institute, in Pontedera, Viale Rinaldo Piaggio.  

“This is a small gesture that wants to testify to the cohesion and sensitivity of our community in such a dramatic moment”, says the Rector Sabina Nuti.


Cover Photo, from left: the Rector Sabina Nuti, the Student from Ukraine Dariia Hrinchenko, The General Director Alessia Macchia.