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Solidarity: the project of Caritas Foundation, Sant'Anna School and University of Florence to respond to changing social needs

Professors and researchers will train the staff of the Fondazione and together with operators will work on a strategic plan capable of addressing "old" and new emergencies

Publication date: 23.01.2023
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A strategic plan to better read society's new needs and provide increasingly appropriate responses. This is what the Fondazione Solidarietà Caritas Onlus of Florence has decided to do by engaging the support of the Sant'Anna School (with the interdisciplinary Health Science Center) and the University of Florence (with the Arco laboratory).

"The goal is to create a strategic plan that governs the future development of the Fondazione Solidarietà Caritas of Florence in a multi-year perspective", explains Sabina Nuti, rector of the Sant'Anna School and scientific head of the project. "It is a sign of maturity and innovation that a Third Sector institution that operates in the social and social-health sector, and that often has to deal with emergency situations, opens an internal reflection on strategies to deal with the future. From this reflection will come contributions also for innovation in public administration and other third sector actors."

The path will be developed in several stages: training, updating of staff skills and knowledge, an internal climate survey, working groups to draft the Plan. Everyone working in the Fondazione and the various teams of researchers will be involved.

"In recent years, global challenges, the pandemic, and the economic crisis have altered the demands and needs of the community, accelerating the processes of change: we need to stay on track in order to ensure that we can provide services adapted to the needs of society and leave no one behind. We can't be unprepared: that's why we need a multi-year strategic vision that is born with the joint contribution of the Fondazione's operators and experts", comments Vincenzo Lucchetti, president of the Fondazione Solidarietà Caritas of Florence.

"We", says Enrico Testi, director of the Arco research center, "strongly believe in the need for Third Sector entities to equip themselves with planning tools and paths. These are tools that allow them to go beyond mere administrative compliance and offer an opportunity for reflection, capacity building and internal participation. Researchers bring qualified expertise to the development of the pathways, offer an external and impartial eye to help improve the overall quality of planning".