Sustainable Computing, Power Management and Scheduling Techniques to reduce energy consumption: Second International Summit on Linux Kernel organized by Sant’Anna School ReTiS Lab. - Pisa on April 16-18, 2018

The second International Summit on the Power Management and Scheduling in the Linux Kernel (OSPM) will be held in Pisa Sant’Anna School ReTiS (Real Time Systems) Lab. on April 16-18.

This Linux Kernel Summit brings together the world’s leading core kernel developers, academics and industry representatives to discuss the state of the existing kernel and plans to reduce energy consumption.

Over 60 developers and experts, ARM, Linaro, Intel, Google, Amazon, Oracle, National Instruments, Qualcomm, Red Hat, and SUSE gather to discuss power management techniques, Real-time and non-real-time scheduling techniques (tracing, configuration, integration testing, adding patch, etc.) and learn about the latest trends in open source and technologies.

The RETIS Lab. actively participates in the Linux open source ecosystem; under the EU ACTORS project and in cooperation with Italian company Evidence, researchers of RETIS Lab have developed the SCHED_DEADLINE scheduler available in the Linux kernel since version 3.14. The SCHED_DEADLINE scheduler is particularly suitable for real-time applications like multimedia and industrial control. Based on scheduling algorithms, so that latencies are bounded and timing constraints are guaranteed, it allows specifying the timing constraints of each running task.

Click here for presentations by RETIS Lab. on YouTube channel.

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