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Times Higher Education Young University Rankings: the Sant'Anna School gains six positions in the "young university" rankings and rises to 13th position worldwide and seventh in Europe. Leadership in Italy is confirmed

Compared to 2023, competitiveness has increased: evaluated universities increase from 605 to 673 in 79 countries. Rector Sabina Nuti: "I am grateful to to our entire community for the great work"


Publication date: 16.05.2024
Campus della Scuola Sant'Anna
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The Sant'Anna School is advancing globally in the 2024 ranking of "young universities," those founded less than 50 years ago, just released by Times Higher Education, the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings: it is advancing six positions compared to the similar 2023 ranking and rising from 19th to 13th place in the world in 2024, confirming its first position in Italy, the country for which 19 universities are in the ranking, and also gaining three positions in Europe, where it is seventh.

The Sant'Anna School, founded in 1987, has improved its overall ranking in the face of a worldwide scenario that has seen competitiveness rise: as Times Higher Education analysts point out, for the "young universities" ranking in 2023 605 universities were evaluated, while for 2024 it rose to 673. In both cases, the number refers to universities that entered the ranking and passed the preliminary screening of Times Higher Education analysts: the starting number was significantly higher. By contrast, the number of states to which the evaluated "young universities" belong remains stable in substance, 78 in 2023 and 79 in 2024. At the global level, this 2024 ranking continues to certify the success of Hong Kong's - and Asia's more generally - universities, which occupy 5 positions among the top 10, thanks in part to the support that comes from the massive investments of the respective countries' governments in education and research.

As for the indicators, Times Higher Education analysts followed the same ones used for the overall ranking, assigning less weight to notoriety and reputation only. The choice was justified by the "young age" of the evaluated universities. In relation to education, research, international openness, technology transfer and impact on society, Times Higher Education maintained the "same strict parameters" as in the overall ranking.

"I am very pleased with the result of the Sant'Anna School," comments Rector Sabina Nuti, "which is a marked improvement over last year, in an increasingly demanding and challenging international competitive environment. I am grateful to to our entire community for the great work done by all the components, for cutting-edge research and excellent training in the Social Sciences and Experimental Sciences."