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Toward Telemedicine Services on the Island of Elba: at the district headquarters of the Azienda USL Toscana nord ovest in Portoferraio the first operational meeting in Portoferraio to define the structure and organization of virtual clinics

Digitization and innovation thanks to the "THE" ("Tuscany Health Ecosystem") project, coordinated for "Spoke 10" ("Ecosystems in Health Care") by the Sant'Anna School, with the scientific responsibility of the rector Sabina Nuti

Publication date: 15.05.2024
Isola d'Elba dal cielo
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The first steps are being taken in the deployment of Telemedicine services on the Island of Elba, thanks to the PNRR project "THE" ("Tuscany Health Ecosystem"), coordinated regarding "Spoke 10" ("Ecosystems in Health Care") by the Sant'Anna School of Pisa, under the scientific responsibility of the Rector Sabina Nuti. These days the first operational meeting was held in the district headquarters of the Azienda USL Toscana nord ovest in Portoferraio, with the participation of key figures in the field of health, marking a further step in the digitalization and innovation of the Tuscan Health System

The meeting was coordinated by Elba District Zone director Fabio Chetoni and Sant'Anna School associate professor Alberto Giannoni, in his capacity as head for Sant'Anna School projects dedicated to Elba Island. The objective of the meeting was the discussion and definition of the structure and organization of virtual clinics and telemedicine services that will be developed on Elba Island. In this sense, the director of the Internal Medicine facility of Portoferraio Hospital Riccardo Cecchetti and the head of the Respiratory Failure Care facility Guido Vagheggini have already created the premises for greater integration between hospital and territory, involving general practitioners and hospital, outpatient and community nurses.

The creation of multi-level services, taking advantage of the expertise of complementary figures in the health care field, will in the future allow for improved access to medical care for patients on Elba Island, especially those with mobility difficulties, as well as optimizing current health care resources.

Present at the meeting were, in addition to the coordinator of the Elba District Zone Administrative Support Service Maria Canovaro, the coordinator of the General Practitioners - AFT Elba Amerigo Mattera, the manager of the nursing profession and hospital and territorial social-health workers of the Elba Zone Andrea Caiazzo; Goffredo Sani, Paola Galeazzi, Ornella Fabozzi, Lucia Gardelli, the nursing coordinators of hospital, outpatient and territorial services. Elba Island nursing figures will be supported in their activities by Angela Durante and Francesca Moschetti, respectively a researcher and PhD student at the Sant'Anna School.