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Tribute to the memory of Marco Di Natale: the workshop organized by the Sant'Anna School revisiting issues dear to the lecturer. Family, colleagues and friends in attendance

Publication date: 13.02.2023
Marco Di Natale
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The Sant'Anna School organized a workshop to honor the memory of Marco Di Natale, professor of Information Processing Systems at the TeCIP (Telecommunications, Informatics, Photonics) Institute, who died prematurely at the age of 56 last October.

The workshop, held in the Aula Magna of the Sant'Anna School, aimed to revisit the themes that characterized Marco Di Natale's professional career, such as mechanisms for optimizing highly critical applications and ensuring time constraints. The event, organized in hybrid form, was a considerable success, with more than 60 participants physically present, including several international experts who reached Pisa to tribute the lecturer.

The initiative opened with a greeting from Sabina Nuti, rector of the Sant'Anna School, followed by numerous speeches, both technical and personal, including those of his partner Anna Acquaviva, Giorgio Buttazzo, professor of Information Processing Systems at the TeCIP Institute, and Paolo Gai, with whom Di Natale worked for many years, founding the successful spin-off Evidence, acquired in 2019 by Huawei.