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What is the development point of aritifical intelligence? Possible future scenarios and consequences in the article by Giorgio Buttazzo, professor of Information Processing Systems at Sant'Anna School

Publication date: 16.05.2023
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From the early 2000s to the present, technological progress has allowed the development of artificial intelligence to accelerate, resulting in questions such as, "Is the time when machines will catch up with human intellectual capabilities getting closer and closer? What will happen next? What will change in society?". Giorgio Buttazzo, professor of Information Processing Systems at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, offers the state of art and some possible future implications related to AI implementation in the article "Coscienza Artificiale: implicazioni per l’umanità", published in Mondo Digitale.

The capabilities of artificial intelligence are improving year by year: since 2000, thanks to advances in theory and technology, but also to the interest that large investors have begun to place on the sector, deep learning has refined its skills, beginning to interface with in an increasing number of activities, such as applications in the medical field or chatbots.

According to the analysis reported in the study, the exponential progress of artificial intelligence could result in two extreme scenarios, such as self-destruction and immortality.

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