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WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DAY: The activities carried out at the Sant’Anna School aimed at fostering the Exploitation of Research results as well as at generating social impact

Publication date: 15.04.2022
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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April every year to reinforce the role of intellectual property rights in fostering innovation and creativity. The  April 26 was chosen because on that day, in 1970, the Convention on Intellectual Property which established the World Intellectual Property Organization came into effect. The School has a long standing and widely acknowledged  championing attitude towards the varloization of Intellectual property.

Monia Gentile, Head of the Techonology Transfer Office, within the Thrird Mission Area, introduces some of the activities carried out at the Scuola and the results achieved so far in this domain.

"The exploitation of the results of scientific research to generate impact for society is one of the institutional missions of the Sant'Anna School which, in recent years, has carried out an intense activity of enhancement of its intellectual property, encouraging the creation of spin-off research companies (about 70 Companies have been established since the early ‘90ies)".

"In a good percentage of the currently active companies (44.7%) managerial roles are held by people who graduated form one of our PhD Programs. The Sant'Anna School also carries out intensive education and awareness - raising activityies for students and researchers, on the topic of the importance of intellectual property protection". 

"The Sant'Anna School promotes the intellectual property generated by its researchers, through sevelral initiatives and events, including the Toscana Inventors Day (TID) organized with the coordination of the Regional Office for Technology Transfer, which contributes to fill the  Knowledge Share platform, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development, for the enhancement of the inventions of Italian universities and research institutions. Moreover, the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna participates in numerous specific national and international events dedicated to the promotion of intellectual property".