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THE - World University Rankings 2024: the Sant'Anna School confirms its position in the range among the best 201 - 250 universities in the world, at a time of great growth and development. Rector Sabina Nuti's statement

Publication date: 27.09.2023
THE 2024
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The Sant'Anna School confirms its ranking in THE - World University Rankings 2024, released by Times Higher Education and, in this case, referring to the best universities worldwide, regardless of size or year of foundation. In the newly released rankings, Sant'Anna School remains in the range between position 201 and 250 globally. This is a result that cannot be taken for granted, due to the increased competitiveness of the overall landscape that includes, for this edition, 2673 universities, compared with the 2022 ranking (dated 2023) that presented 2345, and also due to the moment of great growth and development of the Sant'Anna School, in compliance with the indications of the strategic program, in terms of the number of faculty, researchers, students and alumni, and research projects acquired.

"While maintaining a certain critical spirit on the methodology and mechanisms that regulate the functioning of these rankings, I welcome with satisfaction," comments the rector, Sabina Nuti, "the result of the general ranking released by THE, with the confirmation of the Sant'Anna School in the same range as the previous evaluation, which is an unexpected result considering that a good part of the results on which the ranking are based on the perception of reputation and notoriety gathered among academics around the world, which for the Sant'Anna School is a difficult challenge to face, considering its young age. The issue of reputational positioning and notoriety at the academic level," adds Sabina Nuti, "is quite a challenge for all 'young' universities . The Sant'Anna School is working to consolidate its reputation, with the awareness that these processes, by their nature, take a long time to reap significant results."

The full ranking is available HERE