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Sustainable Development and Climate Change: open until Friday, August 5th, 2022, the call for applications for the second edition of the PhD, with a scholarship supported by Sant'Anna School. Interdisciplinary approach to face a significant challenge

50 affiliated universities in the project, coordinated by Scuola IUSS Pavia, 134 scholarships available

Publication date: 13.07.2022
Dottorato in Sviluppo Sostenibile e Cambiamento Climatico
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Is open until Friday, August 5th, the call for applications for admission to the National Doctorate in Sustainable Development and Climate Change, which aspires to create a new generation of researchers and experts who will contribute to reshaping the features of society to make it more equitable and sustainable. This is a goal that, to be achieved, requires a multidisciplinary background and an approach to issues from different perspectives, both technological and economic and social, with particular reference to issues such as immigration, health, justice, pollution, and access to water and food.

For this reason, the PhD program, coordinated by the Scuola IUSS Pavia, is organized into six curricula (Earth System and Environment, Socio-economic Risk and Impacts, Technology and Territory, Theories, Institutions and Cultures, Agriculture and Forestry, and Health and Ecosystem), with sustainable development and climate change as a central and unifying theme with a specific focus on the area of specialization chosen by the candidate, without, nevertheless, neglecting high-level training in the other areas as well.

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change has opted to orient research activity toward the major challenges humanity faces to mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure sustainable development. This is made possible by the support of numerous stakeholders, among them the Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS of Pavia, the project leader and administrative headquarters, the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development (RUS) and the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASVIS). Moreover, thanks to a total of 50 universities participating in the project, 134 scholarships are available for 2022, including one funded by Sant'Anna School, distributed across the six curricula.