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November 23, Sant’Anna School and the Director of the TeCIP Institute announce the “SOUND of THE AGES” INSTALLATION by artist Marina Tanaka to celebrate the restoration OF PISA’S Monumental Cemetery

Publication date: 14.11.2018
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On Friday, November 23, artist Marina Tanaka presents her sound installation "Sound of the Ages” celebrating the “Camposanto” Monumental Cemetery return to its medieval splendor. The installation, under the scientific supervision of the research team of the Perceptual Robotics Lab. and with the support of the Arte della Memoria iPazzifactory association, will be on display at the Church of St Anna from 5.00 pm.

This audiovisual interactive immersive installation is built to augment the interaction between the public, the environment, and the musical performance. Marina Tanaka’s installation will provide both auditory and visual stimuli to achieve the audience engagement and to improve the immersive experience through the “Camposanto” visual information and a spatial model that generates musical and emotional responses.

The sound installation will evoke memories and remind the viewers of the Camposanto paintings and fresco cycles begun in 1277, the work of Italian art masters of 14th and 15th century, the conservation work after the damage in the 1944 bombing of Pisa and the return of the fresco depicting the “Triumph of Death” in June 2018.

To keep the interaction more intense and allowing the audience to explore the entire interactive experience, Marina Tanaka will present her piano live performance at 7.00 pm, as a musical paradigm of the “Triumph of Death”.


Born in Tokyo in 1985, Marina TANAKA studied classical music, photography, theatre and video art at Tokyo Academy New Media Faculty and at Bologna Dams, focusing on digital techniques and audiovisual art. Images and sound are essential component of her performance to create emotional expression.