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The Confucius Institute at Sant’Anna School announces the Pisa Chinese Film Festival 2020 on September 28-30. Themes include family values, young people and human nature

Publication date: 18.09.2020
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The next Chinese Film Festival is scheduled for 28 -30 September 2020. To ensure a safe experience for the audience despite the Covid-19 circumstances, the Chinese Film Festival brings the latest films to the cinema Arsenale in Pisa.

Organized by the Confucius Institute at the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies in Pisa, with the support of Polis S.r.l., the Pisa Chinese Film Festival, in addition to the role of  traditional family model and values related to modern behaviors, will showcase the subjectivity transformation of Chinese youth. Highlights at this Festival 2020 include young people personal happiness in a modernizing society, gender equality and a new understanding of traditional perspectives on human nature.

This year the festival will present four latest Chinese art films depicting intergenerational relationships in contemporary China (September 28), two family stories (September 29), absurdity, humanity, and human nature in today’s China (September 30). The Festival is aimed at encouraging discussion of the role of culture for young people to construct their relationship values and achieve inclusive and sustainable development of society. 

The audience has the opportunity to attend free events and access free resources. All films are subtitled in English.

Cinema continues to be a means of engaging audiences. The contemporary Chinese film industry can define the implications of the uncertainties in Chinese traditional values telling stories of family events aimed at provoking and stimulating debate. Beginning from an exploration of early Chinese "electric shadows" cinema, this Festival 2020 showcases how films can encourage young people to look at the world in a different way. By taking a less conservative approach, this festival of Chinese cinema serves as a platform to present the contemporary Chinese culture and society to the Western world.

"The Pisa Chinese Film Festival promises a voyage of discovery across Chinese society and culture. The Confucius Institute at Sant'Anna School focuses on cultural issues of modern China and themes such as gender, revolution and modernity in the Chinese cinema industry", said Professor Alberto Di Minin, the Italian director of the Confucius Institute. "This event goes beyond political borders and cultural differences and enhances our long-term cross-cultural relationships".

 “The Pisa Chinese Film Festival remains focused on the pandemic and global health concerns.   The festival has been postponed making sure students and participants have a safe and enjoyable experience. All screenings will take place at the Cinema Arsenale and advance booking is recommended. Now more than ever, we want to stress the importance of understanding culture in community building and the keyrole of individuals and communities to support the diverse forms of creativity as well as to address social identity, and psychological wellbeing issues posed by diverse cultural expressions”, concluded Alberto di Minin.

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