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“MAKER FAIRE ROME 2020 – THE EUROPEAN EDITION”, large-scale knowledge sharing EVENT DEDICATED to fostering innovation and technology provides insights into SANT’ANNA school research initiatives

Publication date: 01.12.2020
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The 8thMaker Faire Rome – The European Edition”, the largest gathering in Europe offering participants the chance to explore creativity and innovative thinking, organized by the  Camera di Commercio di Roma in partnership with InnovaCamera, takes place virtually on 10-13 December 2020. Registered attendees at can post their questions and comments using the interactive chat box with the unique opportunity to learn from the integration of science, innovative technology and information sharing.

Promoting interaction with a variety of actors, researchers from Sant’Anna School will focus on sharing knowledge within Italy and internationally, with the aim to introduce innovation models in technology transfer and third mission activities for a common ground between the two missions. The Maker Faire Rome digital gathering will feature new frontiers of research, new technology spin off companies, and the latest developments from experts and academics on the new challenges faced in healthcare robotics during a global health crisis.

Exploring the role of different stakeholders among academic institutions and industrial sector, Sant’Anna School professor Antonio Frisoli of the Perceptual Robotics (PERCRO) Lab.  will explain the demand for a new generation of collaborative robots. As the principal investigator in the area of Human-Robot Interaction, professor Frisoli offers guidance for integrating wearable technology and immersive virtual environments in neuro-rehabilitation.


Exhibitors will include the Sant’Annna School Technology Transfer and IP Commercialisation Team members Ufficio Valorizzazione Ricerche presenting the projects “Academic Excellence and Business” conducted at the BioRobotics and TeCIP Institutes in the Internet of thingsRobotics and Healthcare sectors.

Participating in the Maker Faire Rome 2020 provides attendees with the unique opportunity to connect with the newly founded spin-off company Next Generation Robotics srl for the production of automated disinfection systems.


The I-RIM 3D conference on Robotics and Machine Learning will focus on the implementation of robotic technologies to improve the quality of life, drive the market and increase productivity, reduce waste, and support sustainable growth.

Keynote speakers include Antonio Frisoli (TeCIP Institute), Maria Chiara Carrozza, Cecilia Laschi and Filippo Cavallo (Institute of BioRobotics) and a talk with Francesco Clemente, Managing Director of the Biorobotics Institute spin-off company Prensilia srl, who presents a review of humanoid robot hand research and developments for dexterous manipulation of objects and rehabilitation systems.