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EU Law on Digital Agriculture

  • Period Work in progress
  • ECTS Credits 2
  • Training hours 40
  • Ore aula 40
  • Maximum Number of Participants 25
  • Tuition fees € 250,00

The interdisciplinary summer school “EU law on Digital Agriculture” will be held on 5-9 July 2021, for a total amount of 40 hours of training, delivered online and organized by the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

The Summer School is part of the three-year Jean Monnet Module SUSTAIN “EU Law on Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Agriculture after the European Green Deal” co-funded under the Erasmus+ programme (620734-EPP-1-2020-1-IT-EPPJMO-MODULE) and coordinated by professor Mariagrazia Alabrese.

The Summer School will provide participants with an advanced understanding of the European legal and policy framework of digital agriculture, within an interdisciplinary learning context. The law and policy framework for digital agriculture and the technical and economic aspects for implementation of smart agriculture will be explored during the Summer School. The European farming and food system has to deal with a complex set of global and regional challenges, from climate change and environmental degradation to inequality in the supply chain. These issues require profound transformations in the way we produce, market and sell agricultural products. Digital innovation and key enabling technologies will be crucial to support the transformation of agri-food systems. The Summer School will discuss the connections between innovation, sustainability and climate change policy. E-innovation and ICT for sustainable and climate-resilient agriculture will be addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective, including law, economics, computer sciences and agricultural engineering.

The Summer School provides the option to acquire additional ECTS by submitting a final paper that will be evaluated by the Teaching Staff. The final paper may follow the structure of case-studies analysis, critical essay, or review article. The topic of each paper will be discussed with the Teaching Staff. Selected papers, among those successfully evaluated, will be included in the Paper Series of the Jean Monnet Module SUSTAIN. This optional path will require a further effort from interested participants in drafting and submitting the paper in the period from the 9th July 2021 to the 6th of August 2021.

The participants will acquire a wide understanding of the EU regulatory technology framework for building a healthier, fairer and more sustainable and climate-resilient agri-food system. By the end of summer school, participants will be able to:

- handle the policy framework on digital agriculture and smart farming in the EU;

- be aware of the European rules on using and sharing agricultural data;

- managing the principles of e-business and its practice in the agricultural sector;

- understand the challenges in establishing a digital traceability of agri-food practices.