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Cybersecurity - A multidisciplinary perspective


Deadline for Registration - EXTENDED

September 2nd, 2021


Anna Loretoni


September 20th -25th, 2021

Learning objectives

The Seasonal School aims to address the issue of cybersecurity through a cross-disciplinary analytical approach, combining computer science and social sciences, in order to provide participants with the tools to understand and discuss the various dimensions of cybersecurity from a technical, theoretical and legal point of view. The Seasonal School will offer the participants an updated and comprehensive understanding on the different dimensions of cybersecurity, with the aim of raising awareness of the opportunities and risks associated with new technologies, in order to allow them to develop a critical attitude towards the most problematic and controversial aspects of cybersecurity issues.

Teaching methodologies

In line with the multidisciplinary approach the Seasonal School is grounded on, the participants will be exposed to insights and research-based information provided by a qualified faculty of junior/senior academics and experts.

The Program will consist of two kinds of activities: a) core activities – common multidisciplinary classes, seminars and laboratories that all participants to the Seasonal School will attend; b) specialized activities – advanced classes on specific research topics grouped up in two different curricula: (I) social sciences path (II) technological path. When submitting their application for the Seasonal School, candidates are required to express their preference as to what path to be included in.

The teaching methodology will privilege an active learning stance; thus, different formats will be included in the education program – lectures, round tables, case studies, simulations and gaming exercises – in order to stimulate the fruitful interaction, critical engagement and problem-solving skills of all participants. During the teaching sessions as well as during the informal social events the participants will have the opportunity to enlarge their networks, getting in touch with experts and academics.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

BA and MA students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Political Sciences, Law, Economics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Management Engineering.

Coordinator and key teaching staff

Professor Anna Loretoni, Scientific Coordinator;

Federica Merenda, Education Activities Coordinator;

Giovanni Comandé; Tommaso Cucinotta; Rocco De Nicola; Luigi Martino; Alessandro Biondi; Elisa Piras.