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Issues on China: Innovation, Society and Culture

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Deadline for Registration

May 8th, 2022


Alberto Di Minin


June 13th -17th, 2022

Learning objectives

The Seasonal School is a five-day dynamic and intensive program, that offers an introduction to economic, social, political and legal aspects of modern China through the lens of leading research activities promoted by Sant’ Anna Institutes. Participants will have the opportunity to develop the necessary background to comprehend some of the major China's issues, while emphasizing the traditional and modern roots of contemporary China.
The seasonal school aims at promoting the knowledge of the role of People’s Republic of China, within the new global order and its role in the reconfiguration of international relations from different perspectives. More specifically, the 40 hours-long school will be characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach and will be focused on the encounter with people, countries, way of thinking and systems connected with China. In other words, in order to guarantee the pluralism of disciplinary and intellectual perspectives, the seasonal school will explore aspects related to the phenomenon of tourism, geopolitical and international relation issues, technology transfer and legal systems.
The Seasonal School is dedicated to the memory of the former Consul General of Italy in Chongqing, Filippo Nicosia.

Teaching methodologies

Lectures, led by experts from Sant’Anna faculty and distinguished specialists from the academic and business environment tied to China, will be complemented by an introductory course of basic Chinese language and culture offered by professional native-speaking instructors.
In this interactive and cross-disciplinary learning environment, students will have the chance to attend frontal lessons, Q&A sessions and workshops.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

Highly motivated students (Undergraduate, Postgraduate) from any university degree programs (e.g. law, political science, life sciences, medicine and engineering) are welcome to take part in online seasonal school.


Prof. Alberto Di Minin

Key teaching staff

Prof. Nicola Bellini, Pisa Confucius Institute Teachers, in collaboration with Galileo Galilei Italian Institute (Chongqing)