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The applications for the VII edition of the University Master Course in “Italian wines and the global market” are now open. Deadline: October 4th 2021. Master jointly organized by Universities of Tuscany with the Italian Association of Sommelier

Publication date: 17.09.2021
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The Master course in “Italian wines and the global market”  is jointly organized by four public Universities of Tuscany, namely the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna;(Sant’Anna School) of Pisa (coordinator), the University of Pisa, the University of Siena and the University for Foreigners of Siena. A strict collaboration is also established with the Italian Association of Sommelier (AIS) that is in charge of delivering, within the activities of the Master, the Sommelier AIS Diploma.

After succesfull six editions, the Master now represents a national reference for those willing to upgrade and reach more advanced knowledge  and professional steps in the area of  wine production, and the strategies (communicationexport plans) to implement for improving and widening the impact and the overall figures of the export of Italian wines in the world.

The success of the previous editions of the Master is testified by the percentage (up to 90) of participants who, after completing the course and getting the Diploma, have a stable job position. The Master course is organized in 400 hrs of lessons/lectures and 450 hrs of professional stage to be arranged and organized in agreement with wineries, wine trade companies, private and public Institution dealing with wine marketing policiesdata analysespromotional event organizationbook/journal publishers of the specific sector…

During the 400hrs of didactic activity, three different modules will be offered to paricipants, including those dealing with Principles in grape growing and wine production, wine Economy and Law (Module I); Principle of Marketing, wine marketing strategies and techniques, e-commerce, profile of wine consumers in the world, the wine tourism (Module II); Communication - old and new media - and the detailed description of the world markets of interest for the Italian wine companies - consolidated markets, promising/increasing markets, emerging and future markets - (Module III). In addition, the specific course of AIS will be integral part of the didactic activities, so that , at the end of course participant will be awarded with the Master Diploma (officially recognized/certified  by the Italian Ministry of University) and the Sommelier AIS diploma. All the lessons will be delivered at the premises of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa.

In order to be admitted participants must possess at least a first level (bachelor) University degree in any discipline. The official language is Italian (B2 level is required) , although some lessons will be taught in English.

The applications for the VII edition of the University Master Course in “Italian wines and the global market” and all the information concerning this course are available HERE.