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Advanced Education provides education pathways of excellence for graduates and professionals, organizing First/Second level Master and Advanced Education Courses in areas of particular strategic importance in the world of production and industry and in line with the changing needs of society and the labour market. Masters and Post-Graduate Education courses are ISO 9001 certified.


The Master Courses may be first or second level. First level Master courses can be accessed by those who hold at least a bachelor's degree; second Master level Master courses can be accessed only by those who hold a Master's Degree or an "old system" university degree.

The duration of the Master courses may be annual or biennial with diversified start dates and access procedures.

Admission is restricted to a limited number of participants to ensure personal guidance by teachers and tutors and it occurs through a selection process.

All instructions on how to sign up are given in the Master announcements progressively published on this website.

Master courses can be organised in collaboration with public or private organisations or institutions.

The period of study includes classroom lessons, self-study, exercises and laboratory work; it then concludes with an internship in a public or private company or organisation.

To facilitate access for participants, every year the School awards a large number of scholarships, whether self-funded or sponsored by organisations and companies.


Advanced Education Courses are designed to facilitate entry in the world of work, professional updating and lifelong education. Although very diversified, the educational activities can be grouped as follows:

  • Human rights, conflict management, cooperation for development
  • Environment and waste management
  • Innovation Management
  • Medicine
  • Healthcare and management of healthcare services
  • Social services
  • Updating for lawyers and jurists
  • Statistics and Econometrics

Tailored education pathways are also organised at the request of external public and private entities. Advanced Education courses are designed and organised in such a way as to ensure the following:

  • deep integration of research and education;
  • careful analysis of educational needs in close connection to the world of work;
  • advanced teaching and learning techniques;
  • a deeply interdisciplinary approach;
  • internationalization of educational curricula;
  • personalised development of initiatives;
  • orientation to the future.